1. Management Agency of Zakynthos National Marine Park (Lead Beneficiary)
  2. Decentralised Administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece and Ionian
  3. National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
  4. National Coastline Agency
  5. Municipality of Himara
  6. Ionian University/Special Account For Research Grants/Department of Environment

Management Agency of Zakynthos National Marine Park


The National Marine Park of Zakynthos (N.M.P.Z.) was established by a Presidential Decree in December 1999 (Government Gazette 906D, December 22, 1999), and is the very first institutionally established National Park area in Greece administered by a Management Agency. The N.M.P.Z. aims to protect the nesting beaches of the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta, the monk seal Monachus monachus habitat and population, the avifauna, terrestrial and coastal flora and fauna, the marine ecosystem and fish stocks. In parallel, the Park is engaged in local development activities that are in line with nature conservation, as well as landscape and cultural heritage preservation.

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens


The Laboratory of Physical Geography (LPG) belongs to the Department of Geography & Climatology (DGC) of the Faculty of Geology & Geoenvironment, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. The research interests of the laboratory cover a wide variety within the framework of the air-sea-land interaction processes shaping the earth’s surface morphology (sub-aerial and sub-aqueous). Specifically, over the past decades the LPG scientists have been involved in research areas of river deltas, beach zones, river catchments, fluvial geomorphology, coastal indicators of relative sea level changes, coastline stability, climate change (past, present and future), coastal oceanography, sediment dynamics, remote sensing and GIS applications. The LPG, has hosted / been involved, as Coordinator or Partner, in more than 50  EU funded or co-funded research projects.

National Coastline Agency/ Ministry of Tourism and Environment/ Repulic of Albania


Albanian National Coastline Agency (referred as ANCA) is a public body, under the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, which enhances the institution’s role influence on the national policies. ANCA was created at the beginning of 2014 to supervise the Albanian national coastline and its development in a sustainable way. The ANCA is funded by the state budged.
The agency is focused also on the promotion of sustainable tourism, beach management, monitoring of projects, supervising the integrated coastal zone management and of the plans approved by the planning authorities.

Municipality of Himara (BASHKIA HIMARË)


Himara is a municipality which is located alongside the Ionian coast up to the Laberi mountains as part of former commune Horë-Vranisht. This a rich municipality with a rich variety of economical resources the most developed being tourism, fishery, animal breeding and olive cultivation- providing products and services of an high added value. Despite this potentials, Himara is the second lowest municipality in terms of density in Albanian after Dropull suffering the mass exodus of its inhabitants mainly to Greece or to other urban areas of the country.

Ionian University/Department of Environment


The Department of Environment of the Ionian University in Greece started its operation in October 2018. The Department of Environment offers high level education regarding multiple aspects of the natural environment via an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach. The main scope of the Department is achieved by several individual aims via theoretical and laboratory teaching practice as well as research activity in state-of-the-art facilities. These aims are related with the provision of theoretical and applied knowledge and/or skills development pertaining to the general topic of the Environment.