Short description

BLUECOAST objective is to provide applicable plans & pro-active methods based on long-term conservation goals and climate change adaptation policy in order to increase C. caretta ecosystem resilience. It will address the major stresses at land & sea, driven by human impact and climate change integrating habitats resilience into the broader regional socioeconomic development.

Actions for the restoration, protection and efficient management of protected areas and marine endangered species; planning for adaptation of ecosystems to climate change.

–  Policy-related scientific data for a deeper insight into blue governance & pro-active Climate-Smart initiatives including small nature-based works to selected nesting beaches.
–  Establishment of a cross-border observatory and engagement of local communities/authorities for the long-term sustainability & successful implementation of the management plans.
–  Promotion of a participatory mechanism by creating a “blue-cultural hub” in order to contribute to the durable empowerment & awareness of the citizens.