Work packages

WP 1 Project Management & Coordination
Deliverable 1.1 Preparation Activities
Deliverable 1.2 Project Management, Decision Structure / Quality Assurance (Project coordination meetings between the partners)
Deliverable 1.3 Evaluation of the project management activities
WP 2 Communication & Dissemination
Deliverable 2.1 Development of a web portal
Deliverable 2.2 Open international conference & Photograph Exhibition
Deliverable 2.3 Publicity and Promotion Actions in the Mass Media
Deliverable 2.4 Printed and electronic information material
Deliverable 2.5 Short film – documentary
WP 3  BlueCoast Reseach and Development
Deliverable 3.1 BlueCoast Data collection of the current state (protocol)
Deliverable 3.2 Mapping of the Stress and Risk Factors at the protected marine areas and the migratory paths between Greece and Albania
Deliverable 3.3 Vulnerability of coastal zone due to climate change
Deliverable 3.4 Intergrated Climate Variability Assesment
Deliverable 3.5 BlueCoast Action Plan
Deliverable 4.1 Health assessment monitoring stations
Deliverable 4.2 Human stressors monitoring at the nests and breeding areas under high anthropogenic pressures and Sea Turtle mortality on migration routs
Deliverable 4.3 BlueCoast Standards toolkit
WP 5 BLUECOAST pilot Beaches (small investments)
Deliverable 5.1 Design of the BlueCoast Interventions for the pilot Beaches
Deliverable 5.2 Small scale investments  (solutions for the beach restoration and the resilience improvement-establishment and renovation of info kiosks)
Deliverable 5.3 Impact Report
WP 6 Setting up a Blue-Culture Initiative – society engagement
Deliverable 6.1 Establishment of a cross-border Observatory of the C.Caretta habitat
Deliverable 6.2 Engagement of the local authorities and networking
Deliverable 6.3 Establishment of a blue-cultural hub
Deliverable 6.4 Social Education on blue  governance and biodiversity aspects as well as blue opportunities to local stakeholders based on EU targets and EU legislation (workshops and e-learning)
Deliverable 6.5 Report on the transferability of the project to other areas